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65 years of DIETERLE history in short


… customised solutions from DIETERLE

DIETERLE can now look back on over 65 years of company history.  Not only the location but also the focus of the enterprise has changed since it was founded as a commercial repair shop by Otto Dieterle in Munster in 1946.  Since the 1960s we have been dealing in lifting and tipping equipment, and have supplied over 10,000 systems so far to our customers throughout the world.

At the beginning of 2006 DIETERLE was taken over by the JÖST Group.  The vibrating machines from the JÖST Group and the lifting and tipping equipment from DIETERLE are products which complement each other perfectly.

DIETERLE GmbH & Co. KG was merged with JÖST GmbH + Co. KG as of 2 January 2018 and is therefore no longer an independent company. In addition to HERWEG® and JVM®, DIETERLE® is now another important trademark and business unit of the JOEST group.

The four ranges of machines are deployed wherever bulk materials are transported, lifted, tipped, metered or refilled. They optimise the material flow of bulk goods, make this flow safer and minimise the burden on both man and the environment. Here the technical design is determined by individual customer requirements and specific industry-related applications.

MA Range

The lifting and tipping devices in the MA range are typically deployed in the recycling, plastics and ironmongery industry. The space-saving single stand design with machine stand at the side means that this range is also suitable for use where space is limited. The various models have been designed for standard containers, barrels and for special small load carriers and for a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 kg.

MD + MDS Ranges

Models from the MD and MDS ranges are 2-stand devices and offer load-bearing capacities of between 300 and 3000 kg.  Generous dimensioning in design offer high performance reserves, safety and durability.  The especially compact design is suitable for applications with both low and high tipping heights.  The patented DIETERLE tipping kinematics stand for low drop height and therefore a tipping procedure which is extremely gentle on the product.

MSH Range

MSH hoist/lifting columns (the abbreviation MSH stands for the German MUCKI® Schwenk-Hubsäulen) are used wherever containers, mixers or barrels filled with bulk goods need to be lifted, precisely positioned, put down or tipped out from different positions and heights. The sleek hoist/lifting column which can be used three-dimensionally facilities optimal use of space and flexible container handling that supports and accelerates subsequent process technology.

MH range

The robust MUCKI® hydraulic tipping devices in the MH range are particularly hard-wearing and easy to maintain, and are therefore suitable for use in rough environments.  As 2-stand devices, they permit high load-bearing capacities especially with low tipping heights and space-saving handling of tanks weighing up to 3,000 kg and with a tipping angle of up to 180 degrees.

Conveying Equipment

Our particular strength is our comprehensive problem-solving ability.  We offer consultation, planning, production and support for your handling and conveying equipment from a single source – and we can provide this service irrespective of whether you wish to meter small metal parts in an annealing oven or grapes in a destemmer. The central function is to feed and return bulk goods to subsequent production processes or treatment plants in a manner that is suitable for the application and which protects the product. We are responsible here for the optimal integration of your handling and conveying equipment in your work processes, while simultaneously ensuring that possibilities for networking and expansion are preserved.

Special Designs

The name DIETERLE stands for innovative special solutions when it comes to lifting, tipping out or metered product feed, or when our customers’ problems necessitate additional functions.  Stacking and destacking of containers using the hoist/tipping column, putting batches into storage and removing them from storage using the storage and retrieval machine, continuous metering or portioning of bulk goods - DIETERLE is the partner from initial planning through to commissioning, and offers problem-solving competence and experience derived from more than 10,000 applications.

System Design Highlights

  • Vibrating conveyor chutes for the metered feeding of bulk goods in machines for heat treatment or surface technology. Roller conveyor systems for the automatic feed and return of containers to the lifting and tipping device.
  • Weighing technology for the continuous, regulated product feed or discontinuous batch weighing.
  •  Container storage systems with storage and retrieval machines for automatic batch storage and retrieval.
  • Connection of conveying equipment to automated guided vehicle systems (AGV), e.g. to disposal zones in production.
  • Conveying equipment and special solutions in stainless steel design for our customers in food technology or frozen food production.
  • Automation and visualisation of processes based on our S7 control technology, connection to higher level systems.