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Plastics industry

Applications in plastics industry


MUCKI® granulate feed from octabins

The charging of extruders with plastic granulate generally takes place pneumatically or using screw conveyors. Subcontractors supply the granulate in octabins. The MUCKI® lifting and tipping equipment completely empties the octabins into a receiver tank with conically tapered outlet and connection flange for the delivery pipe. The refilling process to feed the next octabin into the receiver tank is automatically controlled using fill level sensors so that continuous product feed is guaranteed. On request, receiving bunkers and components which come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel. Adjustable container retainers in the load carrying device also hold octabins of different sizes in place. Where inliners are used, pneumatically actuated brackets are installed for these. Upstream conveyor tracks enable several batches to be provided.