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Charging batch furnaces


MUCKI® filling of annealing baskets on the batch furnace

The metered and uniform filling of annealing baskets during the heat treatment of large-sized forgings in the batch furnace takes place automatically using a MUCKI® charging plant; this has a particularly robust design, and is dimensioned for rough operation in a forge.

The model MDS-10 lifting and tipping device empties the stacking containers containing the parts to be treated into the material bunker. The transfer flap integrated in the load carrying device reduces the drop height of work components and therefore also the amount of noise generated.  All inner surfaces of the chute and material bunker that come in contact with the product are lined with noise-reducing cladding. The product to be treated is drawn from the material bunker by a vibrating conveyor chute and then further separated by the transfer chute; this is followed by metered insertion into the annealing basket. The annealing basket oscillates during filling in order to ensure an even distribution of parts in the cross-section of the annealing basket. The integrated scales and additional visual monitoring limit the filling process.

The electrical control is implemented using a SIEMENS S7. The desired setpoint value of the annealing basket can be entered manually on the Operator Panel or can be provided via an interface by a higher level system. Plant statuses and actual values are visualised. The PLC interface reads out the metering data to the customer controller.