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Charging belt oven systems


Charging belt oven systems
MUCKI® metered product feed for conveyor furnace systems

The controlled and uniform use of the belt furnace and gentle handling of the hardening stock avoiding big drop heights is an important criterion for the heat treatment of small metal parts on conveyor furnace systems. The lifting and tipping equipment in the MUCKI® charging system therefore lowers the container at an angle into the material bunker before the transfer flap is slowly opened. This means that the hardening stock flows from the customer container during emptying, drop heights are reduced to a minimum, and the noise generated by the vibration process is reduced.

The material bunker is erected on measuring cells. The specified throughput rate is regulated by weight in kg/h. The control is implemented using a SIEMENS S7, for which DIETERLE has developed software for continuous and uniform charging of the belt furnace. The desired setpoint value can be entered manually on the Operator Panel or can be provided via an interface by a higher level system. Plant statuses and actual values are visualised. The PLC interface reads out the metering data to the customer controller.