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Charging galvanizing drum machine


MUCKI® coating plant for drum machines used in electroplating

MUCKI® charging plants that are tailored to the spatial circumstances and the functional requirements of the customer are deployed for the automatic charging of electroplating drums with pourable small parts or fastening elements. Our example shows a standard solution with lifting and tipping equipment for tipping out the customer’s container in a manner that protects the product, with material bunker to accommodate the container batches and with electromagnetically driven vibrating conveyor chute for the metered supply of batches to the electroplating drum. Integrated scales control the metering process and, in conjunction with the S7 controller, ensure optimised residual quantities to create uniform drum batches.  Safety guards protect the operator in the area of movement of the lifting and tipping equipment and in the path of the dosing channel on the drum approach. The PLC interface reads out the dosing data to the customer controller.