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Charging smelting plants


MUCKI® charging the smelting furnace

The feed of pig iron and recycled material into the fill shaft of the smelting furnace is controlled automatically. The fill level is monitored by sensors; there must be automatic refilling when the fill level drops, also when the forklift driver is not available. The MUCKI® charging equipment regulates this. Full and empty containers can be stored on a double-storey roller conveyor in front of the lifting and tipping equipment.

Filled containers are deposited on the lower level for automatic feeding to the Model MD-8 lifting and tipping equipment. When the smelting furnace requests a new batch, the container is emptied into the furnace shaft and then moved out to the top roller conveyor.  The next container with smelting product is then positioned in the load carrying device of the lifting and tipping equipment on the lower roller conveyor level. The other containers each move along one space on the roller conveyor. The charging of the smelting furnace plant takes place independently of the presence of the forklift. The forklift can remove empty containers and supply new containers when the next opportunity arises.